Internal shot of an open cardboard gift box with muslin fabric opened appearing draped over the edges of the box. Inside the fabric appears recycled brown paper void filling packaging. The box is photographed on a white fabric background.
Contents of the Large parenthood gift box laid out on cotton muslin. Grey silk sleep mask, cotton body buffer, comfort balm tin, lip balm and amber glass room spray bottle. Recycled silk yarn appears with dried flower heads and green leaves.
Photo of products inside a cardboard gift box. A clear glass bottle of rose bath salts, 2 pairs of grey alpaca bed socks, an amber glass bottle of body oil and amber glass candle sit on recycled brown paper stuffing on organic muslin fabric.
Photo of the items that feature in the newly weds gift box laid out on cotton muslin. A clear glass bottle of rose bath salts, two pairs of grey alpaca bed socks stacked to the right, an amber glass bottle of body oil and amber glass candle.
Photo of two silk face masks laid on a white fabric muslin background. Laid side by side the top mask is light grey with the bottom mask white in colour. Ruffled straps for each mask can be seen beneath appearing from the side of each face mask.
Photo of three nail varnishes laid centred on a white muslin fabric background. They are placed in an arrow formation of bright red, nude and white in colour.
Six A5 cards laid on a white muslin fabric in two rows of three. Card 1 Cool + Kind in black centred, card 2, 4 & 6 burnt orange, purple & yellow with vase, cloud & plant line drawings. Card 3 sunset with Into the Sun in gold writing. Card 5 grey Hey
Photo of a small bouquet of natural dried flowers laid on a white muslin fabric background. It’s wrapped and encompassed by recycled sari silk Centred.
Aerial close up photo of a corner of a gift box. Half the image filled with recycled brown paper filling. The edge of the box sees natural muslin fabric draped coming out of the bottom of the box.
Photo of the corner of a cardboard gift box taken on an angle.  The top has a square logo printed in back with the words Into The Gift Box appearing in the centre. The front side has the same logo with beneath.
Into The Gift Box

Two Luxury wedding gift boxes for couple | engagement gift set

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We've combined two of our most popular gift boxes to create the ultimate in sustainable luxury gifts when it comes to a wedding guest gift. The first box is for all those brides-to-be that might be in need of some self care. The second we advise is sent for the wedding day, as it's been developed for the couple to focus on themselves and indulge! We will work with you in terms of scheduling to find what works best.

Choose from one of six gift cards by Kinshipped, for your hand-written message to be included in each box. Both boxes will be wrapped in our signature eco-friendly ancient furoshiki method, sent with a complimentary bunch of dried flowers.

Gift Box 1 - For the bride-to-be:

  • A white luxury 100% organic mulberry silk sleep mask
  • A GOTS certified organic cotton exfoliating body buffer
  • A lavender and eucalyptus room spray by Manchester based, NOA
  • A fragrance free comfort balm by Harvest 
  • Choose from 3 colours of vegan cruelty free nail varnish shades by Shoreditch Nails
  • Select the all natural lip balm if you prefer, also by the Harvest team

Gift Box 2 - For the happy couple:

  • Two pairs of alpaca bed socks by Tom Lane
  • A deeply relaxing body oil by the Harvest team in Birmingham
  • Vegan mineral rich rose bath salts by Leeds based - Clay & Rose
  • Tranquility soy candle by Manchester based, NOA

 The Details

Gift Box 1 - Our large Bride-to-be self care gift box contains:

ROOM SPRAY: A lavender and eucalyptus room spray to bring calm to any space by Manchester based NOA.

BODY BUFFER: A GOTS certified organic cotton exfoliating body buffer. Made from 100% organic cotton, it is 100% biodegradable and machine washable to allow for a longer life cycle. By Viridis Organics in Gravesend.

SLEEP MASK: A luxurious silk sleep mask, soft grey in colour and made of 100% mulberry silk. Each mask comes fitted with an elasticated strap for added comfort. Kind on the skin, the mask block out the light, thus helping any new parent drift off at any time of day.

BALM: Our fragrance free comfort balm by Harvest based in Kings Heath, Birmingham

NAIL VARNISH: Choose from three shades of vegan & cruelty free nail varnish, inspired by the East London Neighbourhood of Shoreditch. (by Shoreditch Nails).
- The Hoxton (Nude)
- The Tottenham (White)
- The Bow (Red)

OR LIP BALM: Nail varnish not their thing? No worries! Switch out to enjoy our lip balm by Harvest (based in Kings Heath, Birmingham) with cocoa and spearmint which is specially created for lips in need of protection. The team at Harvest have blended cooling spearmint and deeply nourishing cocoa with thistle and hemp. Your lips will be soft, smooth and healthy.

Gift Box 2 - Our large Couples gift box contains:

BATH SALTS: Rest and restore the mind, body and complexion in the aromatic, mood enhancing, vegan mineral rich rose bath salts by Leeds based - Clay & Rose. To enhance your experience, the rose soak salts contain natural Pink Himalayan Salts sourced from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains, naturally rich in over 80 minerals. 

BODY OIL: The couple will enjoy the Aromatherapy benefits of this deeply relaxing body oil, with nurturing essential oils of Patchouli, Lavender, and Black Pepper. The benefits of essential oils include;
Black Pepper - Warming, improves circulation
Lavender - Cleansing, relaxing, grounding.
Patchouli - healing, soothes inflammation. Instant relief for dry skin, conditioning.
100ml glass bottle with an aluminum screw top and is made by hand in small batches by the Harvest team in Birmingham. No parabens, mineral oil compounds, sulphates (SLS), glycols, or phthalates.

SOY WAX CANDLE: This blend of pure essential oils will uplift and brighten the mood and space - inducing a peaceful, calm state without noise or worry. Blend – Neroli, May Chang. Zesty, Uplifting, Floral 180ml in an amber glass reusable jar.
- Paraben and Phthalate free
- 100% Soy Wax
- Cruelty-Free and Vegan

2 x ALPACA BED SOCKS: Two pairs of alpaca bed socks by Tom Lane that will provide the ultimate comfort for around the house. Two sizes 4-7 or 8-11