The Mini Cosy Eco Friendly Gift Box
The Mini Cosy Eco Friendly Gift Box
The Mini Cosy Eco Friendly Gift Box
Six A5 cards laid on a white muslin fabric in two rows of three. Card 1 Cool + Kind in black centred, card 2, 4 & 6 burnt orange, purple & yellow with vase, cloud & plant line drawings. Card 3 sunset with Into the Sun in gold writing. Card 5 grey Hey
The Mini Cosy Eco Friendly Gift Box
The Mini Cosy Eco Friendly Gift Box
Aerial close up photo of a corner of a gift box. Half the image filled with recycled brown paper filling. The edge of the box sees natural muslin fabric draped coming out of the bottom of the box.
Photo of the corner of a cardboard gift box taken on an angle.  The top has a square logo printed in back with the words Into The Gift Box appearing in the centre. The front side has the same logo with beneath.
Into The Gift Box

The Mini Cosy Eco Friendly Gift Box

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Looking for a unique sustainable cosy hamper that could work as an anniversary, birthday or engagement gift? This zero waste and plastic free cosy self care gift box ensures something memorable that says luxury, lands with your loved ones.

Our cosy gift box contains:

  • A pair of alpaca bed socks by Tom Lane
  • Choose from 3 vegan soap bars by Leeds based - Clay & Rose
  • Choose from one of seven gift cards by Kinshipped, for your hand-written message to be included in each box.
  • Wrapped in our signature eco-friendly ancient furoshiki method, sent with a complimentary bunch of dried flowers.


The Details

  • A pair of alpaca bed socks by Tom Lane that will provide the ultimate comfort for around the house. This looser sock pattern is made from 90% Alpaca, making them luxuriously soft and exceptionally warm. Two sizes 4-7 or 8-11

  • Choose 1 of 3 hand made vegan soap bars from Leeds based, Clay and Rose (see 3 variants in the imagery). Clay and Rose products are 100% natural, using the finest plant-based oils, butters and 100% pure essential oils to soothe and cleanse the body and mind. The soaps are hand poured, cut in the UK and free from artificial fragrances and colorants, preservatives (SLS/Parabens) and palm oils.
    • Onyx (black) - This exfoliating bar boasts activated charcoal as the key ingredient. Its porous properties absorb toxins and other impurities to deeply cleanse and purify skin. It will work to remove dead skin cells, resulting in improved skin texture, tone and complexion. The plant-based formula, rich in natural oils and butters, creates a creamy lather that nourishes your skin.
    • Moroccan Moon - This bar has a high mineral count, especially silica, which is known to help tone the skin and improve resilience. It is also kind to those with sensitive skin, with its ability to gently cleanse and soften, leaving your skin feeling totally rejuvenated.
    • Bergamot and Lavender - This gentle poppy seed exfoliating bar is formulated to bind and remove dirt, excess oil and other impurities from the skin. It has detoxifying, yet highly nourishing properties with its natural oil and butter base formula.

  • Select one of our other beautiful Kinshipped gift cards you'd like us to write your personalised message in. Please add your gift message at the check out, if you'd like to add one.