Photo of products inside a large cardboard gift box. An amber glass bottle with black atomiser, a natural micro fibre cloth, a cream macrame plant hanger sits bundled in a ball in a bed of recycled paper stuffing on muslin fabric.
Aerial photo of an amber glass bottle with black atomiser spray head, a natural micro fibre cloth, a cream macrame plant hanger sits bundled in a ball. Silk sari yarn, dried flowers & plants surround the items
The Housewarming House Plant Care Kit | Into The Gift Box
Six A5 cards laid on a white muslin fabric in two rows of three. Card 1 Cool + Kind in black centred, card 2, 4 & 6 burnt orange, purple & yellow with vase, cloud & plant line drawings. Card 3 sunset with Into the Sun in gold writing. Card 5 grey Hey
Pink greetings card with a white line illustration of an anemone flower layed ontop of a kraft paper A5 envelop. Both sit on a muslin fabric background.
Internal shot of an open cardboard gift box with muslin fabric opened appearing draped over the edges of the box. Inside the fabric appears recycled brown paper void filling packaging. The box is photographed on a white fabric background.
Photo of a small bouquet of natural dried flowers laid on a white muslin fabric background. It’s wrapped and encompassed by recycled sari silk Centred.
Aerial close up photo of a corner of a gift box. Half the image filled with recycled brown paper filling. The edge of the box sees natural muslin fabric draped coming out of the bottom of the box.
Photo of the corner of a cardboard gift box taken on an angle.  The top has a square logo printed in back with the words Into The Gift Box appearing in the centre. The front side has the same logo with beneath.
Into The Gift Box

The Housewarming House Plant Care Kit | Into The Gift Box

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This unique sustainable gift box can be used for a variety of occasions such as a eco friendly house warming present, for a birthday, as a leaving gift or to celebrate a new job! This houseplant essential care kit promotes zero waste and plastic free for a more sustainable lifestyle for new or long-term plant parents.

Our gift box contains:

  • A 500ml amber glass bottle plant mister
  • A 100% recycled cotton cream macrame plant hanger by Moco
  • A microfibre cloth
  • Choose one of our gift cards by illustrator Verity Burton or Kinshipped, for your hand-written message
  • Wrapped in our signature eco-friendly ancient furoshiki method, sent with a complimentary bunch of dried flowers.

The Details

  • A beautiful cream macrame plant hanger that will help to add character to any home and save space! Made from sustainable 100% recycled cotton by Moco, based on Birmingham. Please consider weight of your plant pot when pairing with a plant hanger. All items are handmade so they may vary slightly to the images shown. Suitable for indoor use. It can be used outdoors if it is not exposed to too much rain or wind.

  • A staple for any plant parent - the mister. This 500ml amber glass bottle with atomiser head looks right at home out in the midst of any plant patch around the house.

  • A micro fibre cloth. What's this for you might say? It's simple. Clean leaves absorb more light. The more light a plant can absorb, the happier and healthier it will be. These micro fibre clothes have a brushed loop soft surface, to pick up as many little specks of dust as possible. A true plant care essential for keeping any jungle in tip top condition.

  • You also have the option to add your own hand-written gift message on a gift card, which goes inside the box, ready for when they open it. Your message will be hand-written on your choice of card selected when you order.