Onyx Black Vegan Soap Bar | By Clay & Rose
Onyx Black Vegan Soap Bar | By Clay & Rose
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Onyx Black Vegan Soap Bar | By Clay & Rose

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This exfoliating vegan soap bar boasts activated charcoal as the key ingredient. Its porous properties absorb toxins and other impurities to deeply cleanse and purify skin. It will work to remove dead skin cells, resulting in improved skin texture, tone and complexion. The plant-based formula, rich in natural oils and butters, creates a creamy lather that nourishes your skin.

This grounding scent is a luxury blend of patchouli, neroli & bergamot pure oils that have formed a warm musk aroma. When activated with water the woody, warm tones release and creates a relaxing bathing ritual.

Clay & Rose produce in small batches to maintain quality and allow ingredients to truly blend and provide optimum skin benefits.

Each block of vegan soap is created using cold process techniques, hand poured and cut all in yorkshire. You will find no artificial fragrances, colorants, preservatives (sls/parabens) or palm oils on the ingredients list.

Use: face, hands and body
dimensions: 8.6cm x 3.25cm x 3.4cm
weight: 105g